Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes, when I so tired that my eyes feel like they encrusted with sand, I forget why I kept having beasties. I read those articles where people talk about parenting as drudgery and I kind of get it. I look back with a bit of longing on the days when I could just sit and write a paper in one setting. When if I wanted to catch a movie the only thing holding me back was lack of funds.

But then I am disarmed by a smile. She does more than make me think this is worth it. She captures me and propels me into a world that is simply joy. She is not a burden. She is a light giver.

And when we go outside and my beastie girls run, tumble, twirl, and jump through the world, I am captivated not just by their beautiful fierce strength and their astonishing grace but also by their joy rising up on wings of laughter.

These are the times I need to hold close because parenting is not a prison or a trap. There are good days and bad days like there is to everything I do. But mostly there is this joy that I wish to pull into myself.

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Greywillow said...

She is a light giver. Beautiful, Ginger.