Saturday, November 27, 2010


One of the many joys of a big family involves their interactions together. I am not implying that it's always joy and light between them. Often they fight, pull each other's hair, yell mean insulting things at each other, etc. But there are times where they are best friends, comrades to the end, in it all together. And those times move me. There joy in each other touches me deeply. and gives me hope for a future of closeness.

Today, it is Camille and Rowena. Rowena adore Camille. Just seeing Camille sends her into spasms of laughter along with huge smiles. Camille mostly loves Rowena but she gets annoyed easily. R's crying or screaming drives her crazy. She just can't get deal with the noise. But there is nothing annoying about Camille to Rowena. Camille is perfection in a seven year old body in R's eyes.

Camille was listening to music on one of our old Ipods. This is a new fascination with her. She strutted out with her headphones on, and gave a twirl. Rowena immediately burst into a big smile but when she saw the dance. She squealed loudly and laughed. Camille pleases at this reaction really started to dance. She twirled and swiveled. She shook her hips. She spun around and jumped.

R laughed and laughed. She squealed and shook her arms and legs. Camille was thrilled at this reaction to her dancing. R was thrilled to have Camille paying attention to her.

And I sat there imaging future best friends.

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Ephémère said...

If it could only be so, but life has its own ways i guess. It is wonderful to witness such love among siblings, your family - that is already wonderful enough, may it last or not.