Monday, November 08, 2010


Well I've made it to day 8 with some somewhat decent posts. But today I just don't have the energy to think. I asked H to give me something to write about and he said "Write about writing." And just thinking about that for ten seconds made my head hurt. I'm thinking tonight is not the night to work on my SOP for Toronto which really needs to be done so that I can send it out.

Today R woke me up early as usual. She's totally a morning baby and I can't wait until she's more into H. He's a morning person too so they could hang together and I could sleep. If she ever decides that she can be more than five inches from MAMA. Sometimes I fear that I have created a monster with the attachment parenting stuff. It's still hard to hear people using Cry it Out with great success (as in way more sleep than me). Or that they can leave the baby with just about anybody and the baby is fine and they've been doing it since the baby was six days old, etc, etc. And there is this part of me that wishes that I was getting sleep and that I was able to leave R for a bit once in a while. I look back though and realize that so much is just each kids' personality. Camille was in daycare from like four months on and she was still super attached to me. Piper who never saw daycare in her life is, and was, super independent. Thus I know that I'm doing okay by R and that right now she just needs to be attached for whatever reason.

So after getting up way too early, I got the dining room cleaned, dishes down, another load of laundry going, and breakfast for the beasties. I also did school work with all three of them. This was all in between R just fussing all freaking day. I have no idea what was wrong with her but I felt slightly crazed by noon. She wouldn't nap, she wouldn't be worn. She just wanted me to hold her while she fussed at me. Very annoying. She did chill out for about a half hour with some food so I was able to cook supper.

Then it was off to work with beasties in tow. H had to take the GRE today so I had to bring them. I settled them in with Chick Fil A while my students took a test. Then we went to Trader Joe's to get food for the week. I ended up spending way too much because I was starved and they had all their Christmas crap dark chocolate shortbread star cookies. OMG goodness. The beasties were less beast like than normal so it was a more pleasant shopping experience than normal (can we say "Tenderloin wrapped in bacon for the samples. They munched themselves in a meat daze). However the way back was living hell as R SCREAMED and panted all the way back. Sigh. Now she's finally asleep in my lap, delicious and cute.

But me? I'm tired. I'm too old for this baby business. Tomorrow is a calmer day so I'm hoping to get said SOP ready to go and application out tomorrow. Then I have have to get all my stuff together for transcript sending and all that fun busy work. Wednesday is another overbooked day. I need a day book as I keep doing this to myself. But it will be fun. Best part is that we are meeting John BR!!!!!! Can't wait.


GMAT said...
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Erica said...

((HUGS)) I had the same experience with my youngest daughter. She was a velcro baby and just wanted me. But as you said, it is personality, because my oldest daughter who was also very attached to me, didn't have any problem with her dad or anyone else who wanted to hold her.

So, hang on. You know this shall pass very soon that baby R is going to grow up so fast that you'll be wondering where did time go.

Take care and good luck with your applications to grad school!