Thursday, November 25, 2010


Having H home for the last two days has rocked in ever so many ways. It's wonderful to be with him of course. But it also means help in cleaning. H got it all started with a good cleaning of the living room. This inspired me to tackle the kitchen, and then today I got the dining room area done. Tomorrow and over the weekend, we'll get the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and the playroom organized and cleaned. It's exciting to have a clean space, and it makes you realize how your sense of physical space really does impact your attitude.

When I finished the dining room and did the kitchen, I looked at H and said "Wow that was easy and fast." I'm always so surprised at how quick it is to get things in order. Now that the kids are older, they do a lot more too. And I felt so inspired to do all kind of things. I enjoyed being in my home. I felt like I could organize other things in my life not just my home. A simple thing like cleaning my house helped me to clean up the clutter in my own actions and mind.

So I started playing with the idea of using these charts that float around on the internets. The ones that organize housecleaning into daily, weekly, monthly blocks. There is a part of me that revolts a bit at the idea of any kind of regimentation. However if it makes me, and us work better, function better, just able to live better, I feel as if I need to push past that laziness towards routine and really make an effort.

Thus I am hoping to start a New Year's resolution a bit early...a new way of living our lives. I don't aim to make us effective, just functional.

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Greywillow said...

I really feel the impact when we can pull it together and clean too. It makes my life seem less hectic & rushed. I need to find a way to keep it clean. If we all just picked up after ourselves it would happen, but that is easier said than done. Let me know how it works for you.