Friday, July 27, 2007

Back to Schooling

We've semioffically started school this week. Nothing too formal but enough to pace us. Next year will be tight schedule wise. Both H and I will be working part time, and while I have independent studies I do have a thesis to write. I want to continue to educate Umberto, and I want this to be a loose unschooly thing, I am concerned that we might have to put them all in school once we start our Ph.Ds. I feel obligated to prepare him with the basics so to speak.

Right now we're just doing some worksheets, and a few project type things. For some reason Umberto just loves worksheets. For my part, I admit to feeling a great deal of frustration over teaching him to read. I feel like I sound the same letters again and again until I'm ready to scream. And he still doesn't get it. It drives me mad sometimes. H pointed out that I need to back off when I feel that way, and he's right.
I have some books with different ideas I just need to spend some time making flashcards, learning center, etc. And I'm buying a math curriculum in a couple of weeks. We'll see how it goes.

His latest poetic outburst: "The sun looks just like a ball that someone threw across the sky."

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