Sunday, July 08, 2007

Random Things Spoken By Umberto

Sometimes he's a really funny kid, and other times, well, we won't mention those times.
Upon seeing a Pollock painting: "That just looks like Camille's drawings on the wall."

Singing to the Vader theme from Star Wars while playing Lego Star Wars II: "I am the Emperor, the Emperor. I rule the world, I rule the world."

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Ephémère said...

His father's son... Horacio said things as unforgettable as "Why don't we stay on vacation forever?", and, upon seeing a guitar player in Mexico's subway, fascinated, answered to my mom who suggested he could lear to play the guitar, "Why, are we as poor as that?"

All common sense, all fantasy.

How's violin playing for Umberto?

Besos from his loving tia