Monday, July 30, 2007

Bounty From France

All members of the family received bounty from Paris today. Needless to say we were thrilled with our gifts. Umberto and the girls extend a big thank you to Tia Tania. The puppets have been put to good use today. We had sharks chasing down alligators and a wolf just there for kicks. Umberto loves the coloring books. The kind Tania sent are particular favorites of his.
An alligator eating frogs....yum, yum.

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Ephémère said...

It's just wonderful to see Piper, and imagine Umberto & Camille, playing with those puppets that i touched and chose for them! I am ravished thaht they loved them.

So the coloring books pleased Umberto? I'll send more of those as soon I as get back from Mexico, or maybe from Mexico if I find some.

I hope he'll try some reading with his Mama, in Frenh, why not? With "Mon premier Larousse de l'histoire".

Ginger, keep going with Umberto's teaching, my best wishes for mother and son on this academic term that starts.

Muchos besos a todos