Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mundane Matters II

My own posts inspired me to email my dad just to say "Hey! I love you!" It's funny because these posts are not really dredging up any kind of negativity for me. After the first memory which is sad, and kind of awful, the good ones just started coming. Usually my good memories are reserved for those of living with my mom. I stuffed all those negative ones down and channeled them into negativy towards my dad. And the negavitivy wasn't unwarranted but it pushed out all the wonderful things about him. Mostly these posts have helped me accept that I just really like my dad...a lot. I used to feel guilty for that, as if I was betraying my mom. So I just shot him an email to tell him these things. I miss him, and I hope he drives through soon.

On other more mundane matters....H and I totally rearranged the apartment. I think we were both feeling that moving itch (we've been here nearly two years, and we're renewing our lease). We've been trying to figure out a way to keep the kids out of our hair. We moved all their toys into their bedroom. They just hauled the toys out. We tried to force them to play in their rooms...they cried and sobbed. They hated their bedroom. It was basically a space to sleep in not play in. It felt like a lot of wasted space. Instead of getting rid of the kids, we decided to move things around. We moved thier bed into our room so now we have a huge bed. Then we turned their room into a study. Eventually we'll have a table for our laptops, and another table for the kids' art projects. We moved their toys into the dining room (which once housed the computer desk and a cubical shelf). We also took all the shelves out of our bedroom and put them into the study. In addition, we moved the furinture around in the living room in such a way that we created a big open space in the middle right through to the dining room. It feel so much more spacious now. The kids are thrilled, and so far they're sticking to the area where their toys are! Hurrah! Of course we're exhausted, and I'm about to hit the wine in a bit.

I'm glad we started the project before school started but...I wish had our money. I want to clean our rugs, and buy the tables for the study now. B

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