Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domestic Ginger Vs. Ennui

And ennui won. I'm so far behind my schedule and it's only Tuesday. I'm trying hard to not just give up and let it slide for a week. I'm not sure what happened. Things started to go off track on Saturday and in my defense, I did go and work for a couple of hours at my office. Sunday hit and we were busy as we always are on Sundays. Yesterday we went shopping, and instead of cleaning the kitchen I baked. A lot. Like 4 dozen cookies and a thing of baked oatmeal. But I didn't clean the kitchen which isn't gross but could easily turn out that way with a bit of neglect. I could catch up today but I have to teach later.

In my defense, I am exhausted. R has been sleeping crap. Last night I was hit with insomina (so grossly unfair) and didn't get to bed until 2. At that point, R woke up and I had to nurse her before going to sleep. And then she woke up every hour. I finally got up at 8:45 because I couldn't breath and there was no point in dozing off for 10 minutes to only have her wake up again. Couple this with feeling rather depressed and anxious (my Toronto application is "under review") and you get someone who is not really into cleaning. More like sitting around and feeling sorry for her and umm...baking cause that's what I do when I'm depressed.

But I can't let the ennui get me down.


Niki said...

Sleep deprivation is awful.

I suggest you start making your kids do dishes - they're old enough (well, two of them are). Mine are on a cycle so that I almost never do dishes unless I've gone all-out and dirtied many many pots and pans and am feeling merciful. And it's not like I'm drinking martinis while the kids do all the chores; there are just too many things to be done on any given day for me to be doing them all, and those static chores (dishes, laundry, some forms of everyday cleanup) are easy for the kids to wrap their heads around.

When I first started keeping a cleaner house, the kids were really confused, and it took them a month or so to stop asking me who we were cleaning for...for US darnit, I like it clean in here!

The kids still have many hours a day when I'm working my ass off and they're playing legos or something, but taking some of the pressure off of me was really important in keeping our level of clean sustainable.

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Yeah I'm slowly integrating them into cleaning:P They actually LIKE doing dishes I just need to let go of my anal self. They HATE picking up their own spaces which drives me batty. They'll willingly dust, do laundry, and help me pick up the main areas...sigh:)