Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Year of Pleasures 1

I finally had to jump on this one. I first began to read about the year of pleasures from The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness, and then another friend began to do the same on her blog, Croenblog. I loved the idea but am always a little afraid I'll upset someone if I pick up their ideas. But I kept thinking about things in terms of "Oh this is totally a pleasure!" I hope that my friends see this as the compliment it effect someone so that they begin to think about their daily in the terms is a special thing.

So each Thursday, I'll do a Year of Pleasures Entry. As a way to remind myself of those lovely moments where life is so unbearably precious.

Without further ado...

Year of Pleasures #1

Being with a great group of mama friends, old and new, after a few days of being coped up in the apartment.

For some reason, we didn't get out much this week. Usually I try to get us out a couple of times per week. But yesterday I couldn't do our usual library trip because H had my debit card (needed gas). Plus I was wrapped up in clean (domestic goddess blah blah). And I had too work on my syllabi for my classes. So basically the kids were cooped up, driving me mad. Today was so very needed.

We packed up and headed out to Amelie's, a tasty French Bakery in Charlotte. The kids brought board games and art supplies. I loaded up on French Press Coffee while talking and laughing with some great women. There were some new ones (a woman is a Fabric Artist...I have knitter's envy already! She owns her own sheep! And she SPINS their wool!), and some known ones. We talked about religion, what we want our kids to know, the joys and horrors of homeschooling, and Johnny Depp (he has to smoke right?)

Being around women is such a pleasure for me now. I wonder why I spent so long hanging with the guys. Upon becoming a mother, I more and more value these moments spent with other women. The quiet moments sustain me through those moments where we trapped inside for various reasons.

And as an extra bonus, the kids had a wonderful time meeting some new friends. Even Camille:) 

And then there is cuteness under the table....

I felt really happy for Umberto has his best bud seems to have moved from our community. I know he's been pretty lonely, and us not going out has been conducive to him finding some new ones or reconnecting with old ones. But today he meet a boy he really likes and shares his interests. Yay! And look what a big boy, Umberto's hit me when I saw him in his new trendy skinny leg jeans...and then this seeing this photo..

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ivymae said...

Dude, steal away! I totally stole it from Reece Dixon, and I know she would love knowing it's spreading.

And i was always a guys girl as a kid, but I cherish my female friends so much now. Perhaps our children are not hardwired to be any specific gender, but as an adult, i feel like there are some wave lengths that men (and women) can not tap into unless that are wired for them. It never ceases to astound me when I will spend a half hour trying to explain something to Tom, and he still won't 'get it', but then I'll chat with you, or with a local friend for 30 seconds and you say "Oh yes. Say no more, I know what that feels like." That core of understanding is so very valuable, because from there you can build a friendship.