Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Year To Blog

I love making resolutions. I go through the spells where I try to be cool and all anti like and pretend to hate resolutions. BUT I really like making them. Likely I can lay the blame for this one on my family...again. My grandmother and her daughters (including my mom) would always get together around New Year's Day with coffee and notebooks. They would lay out a list of resolutions and share/argue about them with each other. It seems to wrong to not begin the New Year without making resolutions. I'll do the sharing part here. Feel free to argue.

1. I will blog. A lot. I'm tentatively making a goal to post 365 times before the year ends. This would be pictures, links, comments from the beasties. Maybe some guest spots.

2. I will start once again to get back to eating healthy and exercising. I had losing weight as my goal but I want to work on 2011 being a year where I don't focus so much on my weight. We'll see how that goes.

3. I'm going to become a Domestic Organizational Goddess. Complete with charts. (Thanks Ivory). I continue to live like I have a small family. We sort of ended small when we had Piper and totally crossed the line with Rowena. We get the "look" now when we go out in public. It's time to get my lazy ass in gear and organize us a bit. I don't want to curb the spontaneous nature of our family but I also think we need to not live in a sty. We time to do crafts and go out.

4. Limit the time suck known as Facebook. Cause really. Farmville? I want to read more. I might keep a running sidebar of what I'm reading.

5. Work on my anger. I need to chill before I have a heart attack.

There are many things that are so up in the air. I don't have enough knowledge of the future to make specific goals. I can't say I'll work on my midwifery degree because I may get accepted into grad. school and will be working on my Ph.D. I do know that I hope to meet a tribe of women to homeschool/raise children with once we move but I have no idea where we are moving to! Once I know I'll add to that my goals.

Keep reading and seeing how I do. Blogging is a great way to be held accountable.


The Fearless Freak said...

I've never been a fan of resolutions. I just don't feel like a new year is the right motivation for me to do something new (I'm very externally motivated so I really need something shoving me in a direction before I can commit). But, I just an article about making resolutions and making a resolution versus writing an attainable mission statement can make all the difference in sticking to them.

I wish you the best of luck on keep ing your resolutions, they sound like good ones :)

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Hmm...I always try to keep my resolutions as attainable which is why I always explain them out and have plans in place to follow them through.