Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year of Pleasures 3

Not really knitting although knitting is for sure one of my pleasures but rather this week's pleasure is "getting" a new technique. I've been terrified of the double-pointed needles since beginning my knitting journey. It always looked so awkward, even in the hands of a pro. I've messed around trying to use them hats but it was always so difficult. Mostly I used round needles and only reverted to the doubles when I was near the end. But I found a pattern I really wanted to make, yoga socks. These socks have holes for the toes and heels so you can grip a yoga map but still keep your feet warm. I thought they'd be a great gift for my in-laws who are both yoga enthusiasts. And they'd be fab for me since I HATE having my toes covered. Plus once I practiced on some okay yarn, I have that yummy wool yarn that H bought me for Christmas.

It was rough going. I started and frogged the pattern about five times. Usually I only got a few rows in before I screwed up. At one point, I had my first inch down and realized it was screwed up. It was horribly slow going, and I felt more frustrated than relaxed. Damn it a hobby is supposed to make you feel relaxed! And then last night, it just all came together. I no longer felt uncomfortable with the needles and I was working faster than before. Not that it's perfect and I can see the errors but it's coming along and I'm confident I'll finish this sock. Amazing!

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The Fearless Freak said...

DPNs look like knitting with an unruly hedgehog. I've never tried them but I really like my circs and magic loop, although I understand socks are hard on circs. Eventually, I'll attempt them but not yet. Good for you for finally figuring them out!